jPortlet Road Map
jPortlet Road Map

Version 1.1
  • Create a portlet catalog with the following portlets:
    1. Bookmarks [DONE]
    2. RSS Feed [DONE]
    3. Menu [DONE]
    4. Google Search
    5. Discussion Forum
    6. Contacts
    7. Calendar
    8. Email Client
    9. Document Manager
    10. Login Portlet [DONE]
  • Improve the jPortlet taglib. Add the following tags:
    1. page: Tag for defining a page with header and footer [DONE]
    2. header: Tag for page header [DONE]
    3. footer: Tag for page footer [DONE]
    4. body: Tag for page body [DONE]
    5. column: Tag for defining a column of portlets [DONE]
    6. message: Tag for accessing portlet resource bundle strings
  • Make the portlets UI skinnable [DONE]
  • Create a portal example application [DONE]
  • All database persistence managed by Hibernate
Version 1.2
  • xDoclet task for generating jPortlet deployment descriptor