Setup jPortlet Project

Copy recursivelly JPORTLET_HOME/template to PROJECT_HOME. The project directory structure under PROJECT_HOME should look like this:

  • lib/: Contains all the .jar files required by jPortlet. You can add your own .jar in this directory
  • src/: Source directory.
  • src/build: Output directory of the build process
  • src/java/: .java files goes here
  • src/sql: Contains the scripts for initializing the jPortlet database
  • src/web/jsp: .jsp files goes here
  • src/web/WEB-INF: Contains deployment descritors and jPortlet configuration files
  • src/web/PORTLET-INF: Files used by the portlets goes here
  • src/web/PORTLET-INF/test: Context path for the test portlet
  • src/web/PORTLET-INF/jportlet/skins/default: This directory contains all the files for the default skin:
    • jportlet.css: jPortlet CSS file. This file is automatically include by <jportlet:page> tag.
    • *.png: images used by jPortlet to decorate the portlet

Configuring the project

Configure Ant configuration file PROJECT_HOME/src/ and set the following properties:

  • deploy.dir: By default, this property is set to JBoss deploy directory
  • db.*: database configuration properties.